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1 Total cell counts include both_and_cells.

2 _ cell counts only include those that are capable of forming

3 _methods measure the degree to which suspended cells scatter a beam of light.

4 Microorganisms which show optimal growth at low and high temperatures are termed, respectively,_and__

5 Loss of growth activity at high temperatures is due to_of enzymes.

6 Fungi are generally more tolerant than bacteria of_pH conditions.

7 _are often required in laboratory growth media to prevent significant changes in pH.

8 _can only tolerate oxygen at low concentrations.

9__cannot tolerate oxygen at all, and live only in its absence.

10 _bacteria have evolved to thrive in conditions of extremely high salinity.

11 Bacteria produce two identical daughter cells by a process of_

12 Given ideal growth conditions, the size of a population of bacteria would increase in a_fashion.

13 The four phases of a typical growth curve are_,_,_

14 The small sample of cells used to start off a culture is called an__

15 A_maintains a population of cells constantly in_phase, by carefully controlling nutrients and flow rates.

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