This article is based on work undertaken in conjunction with colleagues from many disciplines who formed the Marfan syndrome Guideline Development Group (see below) as part of a project funded by the Clinical Resources and Audit Group of the Scottish Executive Department of Health.

Membership of the Marfan Syndrome Guideline Development Group

Clinical genetics: JCS Dean, NE Haites, E Hobson, Z Miedzy-brodzka, S Moore, S Simpson. Anaesthetics: P Martin. Cardiology: P Booth (paediatrics), S Walton (adults). Cardiothoracic surgery: JS Cockburn, R Jeffrey. Obstetrics: M Hall. Ophthalmology: W Church. Orthopaedics: T Scotland. Respiratory medicine: JAR Friend (adults), G Russell (paediatrics), Rheumatology: D Reid. Scottish Guideline Steering Group: N Bradshaw, H Campbell, M Porteous.

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