Aacaaa Aatgaa

Mild ß°


cd6-A cd8-AA

Table 3 Silent ß-globin gene mutations causing ß-thalassemia

Mutation type or location

Transcriptional mutants in the proximal CACC box 5' UTR

Alternative splicing Intervening sequence In the 3'UTR Poly A site


cd27 G ! T (Hb Knossos) IVS2-844 C ! G +6 C!G AATAAG

several families, are private mutations reported in single families.

2. Compound heterozygosity for typical p-thalassemia mutations and the triple or (less frequently) quadruple a-globin gene arrangement (aaa/aa, aaa/aaa, or aaaa/aa), which may increase the imbalance in the ratio of globin a/non-a-globin chains.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

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