AAV Vector Genome Metabolism

A complex pathway of events[1] impact the function of AAV vectors such as the availability of specific cell-surface receptors, cellular trafficking, and potential diversion of AAV particles into a ubiquitin-mediated proteosome degradation pathway, and delay in uncoating in the cell nucleus. The uncoated single-strand genome must be converted to a duplex molecule. Following this, a succession of additional events result in the vector genome being converted into larger, mostly circular concatemeric molecules.

Single-strand to double-strand conversion step may be rate-limiting, but this can be overcome by using self-complementary vector genomes that are not more than half the size of the AAV genome. These genomes are packaged as a dimeric molecule equivalent to a RF formed during vector genome replication. Upon uncoating, these molecules reassociate (''snap back'') to duplex molecules with pseudo zero-order kinetics.[7] The ability of AAV vectors to form concatemers also extends the capacity of AAV vectors in a ''dual-vector'' system. Expression cassettes up to 9 kb in size can be divided between two AAV vectors, and coinfection forms concatemers to generate an intact expression cassette.[8]

Wild-type AAV, in cell culture, integrates into human chromosome 19, but this process requires the rep gene which is not present in AAV vectors. In contrast, a variety of animal models show that, in the absence of selective pressure, AAV vectors persist predominantly as circular concatemers. The circularization appears to involve recombination between ITRs.[9] The majority of these concatemers are episomal and integrated copies of vector in organs such as liver or muscle may be rare.[10,11] The relative rarity of integration is of importance in assessing the safety profile of AAV vectors for clinical applications.

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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