Applications Of Fish Banding Methods

FISH banding methods were used successfully for research in evolution (Rx-FISH; MCB) and radiation biology (MCB), as well as for studies on the nuclear architecture (chromosome bar code; MCB). Moreover, their suitability for diagnostic purposes has been proven in prenatal, postnatal, and tumor cytogenetics (chromosome bar code; Rx-FISH; IPM-FISH, and MCB), indicating that they are an important tool with the potential to partly replace conventional banding techniques in the future (reviewed in Refs. [2], [4], and [5]). Most clinical cases were successfully analyzed by MCB followed by Rx-FISH, whereas the cases studied with the other three approaches are between 0 and <50.


The introduction of FISH banding methods was a great step forward for molecular cytogenetic diagnostics. However, none of the mentioned new methods can, for .

technical reasons, ever be fully informative for itself. The cytogeneticist always has to double check the results obtained in FISH banding with those achieved by other 9 approaches, such as GTG banding, M-FISH or SKY, CGH, or others. Examples for that modus operandi can be found in the literature (e.g., FISH banding and microdis-section;[17] FISH banding and CGH;[17-19] FISH banding 10. and region-specific probes;[19-21] FISH banding and

locus-specific probes. ^^ ] Nevertheless, the goal must be to achieve fully informative cytogenetic results in a minimum of time and with a minimum of FISH experiments. Thus, further developments with respect to probe combinations (such as M-FISH/SKY with FISH banding methods) will be necessary. To perform and evaluate such complex experiments, which then will have to be based on up to nine fluorochromes, further technical developments in microscopy and computer software are necessary.

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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