CCHF virus is generally detected by RT-PCR targeting the S RNA segment which is best characterized among the three genomic segments (Table 2, PCR 1-3). However, the virus could be detected by PCR in only 2/3 of retrospectively (serologically) confirmed cases.[11] RNA

concentration in serum was tested in one case of CCHF virus infection and found to be 7.7 x 105 copies/mL of plasma by real-time PCR,[6'16] which is about 3 x 102 times above the detection limit of that assay. According to the current data, PCR is a useful tool in diagnosing CCHF, but must be complemented by virus isolation and serology.

For detection of Rift Valley fever virus, assays targeting the M and S segment are available (Table 2, PCR 4-7). Quantitative real-time PCR has also been developed[6,15] but has not yet been applied to clinical samples. Only one clinical evaluation study has been conducted[13] showing a sensitivity of 70.6% (Table 2, PCR 5). All samples negative by PCR but positive by virus culture had detectable IgM, suggesting that a

Table 2 Bunyavirus PCR
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