Clinical And Genetic Applications

The genetic applications of inverse PCR have been widespread and diverse. They include:

1. characterization of long stretches of unknown DNA sequence adjacent to specific genes, e.g., chromosome mapping/walking[5] and identification of upstream and downstream regulatory elements;

2. establishing the insertion sites of mobile genetic elements,[12] including the integration of viral genomes into the host;[13-15]

3. aiding in the understanding of mutational mechanism involved in deletions and translocations;1-16-1

4. the construction of knockout vectors to disrupt

5. fingerprinting of microorganisms;[18,19]

6. evolution of organisms;[20]

7. generation of end-specific probes.[3]

8. defining new pathways of disease;[21]

9. determining the differential expression of genes.[22]

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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