Clinical And Genetic Applications

LD-PCR has extensive uses as a supplement to cloning, as a time and cost-saving alternative, or where the DNA sequence is unclonable. They include the following:

1. Detection of DNA mutations such as:

a) deletions within human mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA)[12] and viral genomes.[16]

b) insertions, e.g., duplications, in human mtDNA.[17]

c) rearrangements, e.g., inversions in disorders such as hemophilia.[8,18]

2. Chromosomal and genetic analysis of single cells for possible medical, forensic, and archaeological pur-poses.[11]

3. Typing of genetic markers for genome diversity studies.[14]

4. It has now been adapted to perform long-distance RT-PCR[19] and long-distance vectorette PCR.[20]

5. Fingerprinting of organisms by amplification of specific interspersed repetitive elements.[9]

6. Characterization of unknown, unclonable, long DNA


7. Analysis of viral heterogeneity to aid in drug design and viral association in certain disorders.[7]

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