Capillary gel electrophoresis has revolutionized the work flow in the DNA diagnostic laboratory. It provides opportunities for increasing the level of automation at all steps from sample receipt to the generation of a computer-based result. As well as its inherent high sensitivity, the robustness and excellent reproducibility of this technology are critical parameters in an environment requiring accuracy and ongoing QA. Improved efficiency and faster turnaround times come from the multiplexing potential available from the use of fluo-roscein-labeled primers or capillary arrays. From the health and environmental perspective, the avoidance of potentially hazardous reagents such as acrylamide and ethidium bromide used in conventional DNA slab gel electrophoresis is an additional benefit of CGE. Hardware and CGE reagent costs are high, but this is offset by the saving in time and human resources. There are a number of platforms now available, and increasing competition will ensure that costs continue to fall (Table 1). A wider range of instrumentation options is described in Ref. [16].

This overview started with a description of six types of capillary electrophoresis. However, there is considerable

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potential for innovation with this technology. As the Human Genome Project expands the opportunities in proteomics, combinations of capillary electrophoresis with techniques such as mass spectrometry will identify novel ways in which to analyze proteins and peptides.[14] Developments in nanotechnology coupled with capillary electrophoresis (microchip capillary electrophoresis) will mean faster analysis times, decreased costs and waste, and portability that would open up options for point-of-care DNA diagnostic testing.[17]

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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