The results obtained from the method described above are listed in Table 1.

A PEREGENETM DNA Isolation kit is useful for extracting DNA from relatively fresh mummified tissues, compared to the archaeological samples, and it presents no hazard.[1,10] For tissues preserved for thousands of years, the phenol/chloroform method may be superior to the kit. Konomi et al.[6] have compared nine extraction methods and concluded that GTC-based methods are more efficient than proteinase K/detergent-based methods for the recovery of both DNA and RNA from mummified tissues. However, proteinase K is a powerful protein lysis reagent and has been widely used. It is not clear which is better for digestion, as both are quite useful.

Although mummified tissues are well-preserved for thousands of years, the integrity of nucleic acids for molecular biological study still remains as an issue.[13] Cooper and Wayne[14] has commented that the extracted DNA from a 2400-year-old mummy was, in hindsight, likely a contaminant both because of its size and nature. Furthermore, it has been shown that more than 99% of DNA isolated from mummified tissues is depolymerized and chemically modified.[2,4,15]

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