The quantification of viral genome has, within a few years, become an integral part of the clinical management of patients suffering from infection with HBV. The modern molecular biological techniques have evolved from being elusive and research tools into widely used and, meanwhile, rather reliable virological routine diagnostic tools.

Besides providing prognostic information on individual cases, genome quantification plays a most important role during monitoring of the patient's response to antiviral treatment.

Further, hitherto less well-established uses of VL testing include the assessment of an individual's infectiv-ity, be it in the health-care setting (transmission risk of blood-borne viruses) or in infected pregnant women.

Practical problems still waiting to be resolved are virus strain-related differences in quantitative results and a relatively low degree of intra- and interassay as well as inter-laboratory reproducibility. The establishment of internationally accepted standards against which all working reagents could be calibrated, using a common standard unit of measurement, IU, would overcome this major problem.[25] Further work is required to fully standardize assays and quantification units, improve automation, and better define clinically relevant thresholds.

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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