In terms of understanding why Chagas' disease is such a debilitating condition, the two most important questions are ''Does the development of chronic disease pathology require the continued presence of the parasite?'' and ''Do all T. cruzi parasites have the potential to induce chronic disease?'' Because of the long-term nature of the disease, the low level of parasitemia in chronic patients, and the possibility of mixed infections these are not trivial problems to address.

Results achieved with PCR-based diagnosis increasingly support the premise that all untreated (and many treated) patients remain infected with the parasite for life. In addition, most clinical trials have demonstrated a positive correlation between chemotherapy (despite its limitations) and some degree of prevention/alleviation of chronic disease pathology. These findings therefore argue strongly that the development of more effective and less toxic drugs should be a major goal of postgenome research. In this context it may ultimately be feasible to identify individuals in the indeterminate stage of the disease who are infected with parasites that predispose them to develop chronic pathology and who should be prioritized for chemotherapy. This will require exploitation of the new postgenome technologies to define genotypic or phenotypic markers diagnostic of parasites capable of inducing chronic disease.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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