Under conditions of normal case work, contamination is only observed after careless manipulation or purposeful spraying of high (nanogram) amounts of DNA near or directly into open tubes before PCR. Secondary transfer via door handles, etc. is only a problem under extremely careless, unprofessional conditions.[20,21]

Obviously, mixtures of DNA might be present in the samples themselves. Mixtures of epithelial cells with sperm can be separated by differential lysis (separation of sperm from epithelial cells[22]). Other mixtures may show distinctively different peak heights after electrophoretic separation of the PCR products. For example, an object at a scene of crime may have been touched by Person A days before a biological stain (such as blood) of Person B is deposited on the same surface. In that case, a DNA mixture might be present later. It can often be detected by the different peak heights of the STR alleles.

Irrespective of the possible presence of mixtures, swabbing is always recommended if the items cannot be moved, are bulky, or if the stain is located on a person. Subsequent procedures like differential lysis should not be performed before DNA extraction becomes necessary. Generally, once evidence examination is completed, all biological samples should simply be stored cool and dry, and left intact as long as possible.

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