D13s797 I

Annotation created toy DNannotator 99—25974_143 | 99-25965_399 | 99-16 047_115 | 99-16105_152| G3 6|exon4 |

G30|exonl | 99-24553_410| 99-5919_215|

STS Markers Recoimto Rate |

99-16 052_214 | 99-16 032.292| 99-15375.165 | 03 0|*X0n6| G301exon7 | 99-15880.162| 072|exoni| G30|exon5I 0721exona| G72_ isol Iexoni| G72|exon3| G72_iso1|exon2| 99—15 038_IIS| 8-155.258 | G?aiexon4 I 072_isol!»xon3 I 99-1587|

99-5897_143 | 8-130_143 | G72|exon5I C72_isoi|e*on4| G7£|exone | G72_isol |»xonS I G301exon3 I G301exon2 | 99-24644_194 [ cnromosome Bands Localized by FISH Mapping Clones 13333.2

STS Markers on Genetic <blue> and Radiation Hybrid <black) Maps

Rg.-r.rfih.nzir .nn Fh^ Frrjn rtannnF, Hnr-h. 1.-J .-.r r-anpHi^i Mar- -ri^rmF '1°Fh'i 1f

Fuflu E l at rs9a9425£ I

rs9301011 I rs95S67ai I rs7991416 I rs95E6E21 I rs9E19635 I TS9S19636 I rs7334fi£S I

TAk piTi ;y47i n ifusu rUbMpiS Triini1*T»d Eist M 1snminT£

Simpii NUCliot ide Pclymorc^iurns <SNFi> rs9£942£3 | rsl6a$4S5 I rs95S6S36 I rs95S6647 | rs79¥75Sl | rs9ga6360 I I

rs9SEElEl I rs7993734 | rs9S3E649| rs7992ES3| rs4771497 |

rs202SE19| rs9E19661| rsl9350E3|

TS73267E6 I r-s7332099| rs9301032|

rs1324755I TS73262E4I rs973713| TS9SESEE3| r*s9301033|

r-57999003I rs9519650| rs7139791| TS9S63003|

rsS000lS3| rs2391190 I rs3916965| TS7964976|

r-s9301020| rs9555163| r*9S8S9S7 I TS10220012I r39556536 | rS9El96El| r*t9Sl43S3| r£9Sl967l|

rs9514697 I

Fig. 3 Viewing annotation created by DNannotator in Genome Browser. The SNPs and genes reported (on small DNA fragment AE014312) by Chumakov et al. were migrated to Genome Browser's latest freeze of chromosome 13 by DNannotator, with an output of custom track data file for Genome Browser, which can be directly viewed side by side with all other annotations provided by Genome Browser. (View this art in color at www.dekker.com.)

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