The diagnosis of trichinellosis should be based on three main criteria:

1. Anamnesis based on epidemiological data: the source of infection, the amount of infected meat ingested, the number of larvae present in the infected meat, and the number of cases involved in the epidemic focus.

2. Clinical evaluation, i.e., recognition of the signs and symptoms of trichinellosis and definition of the clinical manifestations, which significantly affect the choice of treatment.

3. Laboratory tests: immunodiagnosis and/or detection of larvae in a muscle biopsy. The most reliable test is an ELISA that uses an excretory/secretory antigen. Antibodies are detectable in serum samples from 2 to 8 weeks postinfection, depending on the infecting dose, the Trichinella species, and the host

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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