Drug Discovery

Drug discovery is an important area where gene arrays and proteomics might be used. Genomic studies that produce large databases of molecular information on cancers might be linked to patterns of drug activity. First, pharmacogenomic analyses, where genomic information is coupled with structure-based data to identify classes of compounds for which detailed experimental structure-activity studies might be used, have been performed.[29] Blower et al.[29] have identified two quinine subclasses, whose patterns of activity in tested cell lines (including melanoma) correlate strongly with expression patterns of particular genes.

Microarray studies on signaling molecules and tran-scriptional factors in melanocytes have identified potential therapeutic targets, such as bcl-2, which is known to rescue melanoma cells from apoptosis.[30] This antiapop-totic molecule was identified as the transcriptional target of the microphtalmia gene, Mitf, a transcription factor expressed in the majority of primary melanomas.[12] Bcl-2 has been used as a target of a new type of therapy, where inhibition of its expression by a specific antisense oligonucleotide has increased time to progression of metastatic melanoma patients when used together with DTIC.[31]

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