Estimation Of Infectivity

Another important reason for HBV viral load determination is the assessment of the infectivity of hepatitis B carriers. Without intervention, more than 90% of HBeAg-positive female chronic HBV carriers transmit the virus to their infants;[17] of these, 85-90% develop chronic HBV infection—in most cases asymptomatic—themselves, thus perpetuating the infection in high-endemicity settings. Immediate postpartum immunization of the infant can efficiently prevent transmission. It has to be considered that the level of viremia present in maternal serum can only be approximated with the HBeAg assay. Recent quantitative evaluation of sera for HBV DNA using molecular hybridization technology has shown that wide fluctuations in the concentration of virus exist in HBeAg-positive carriers. Vertical transmission is rarely documented with maternal HBV DNA levels below 107 geq/ mL (5 pg/mL).[18,19] In a recent study, no cases of trans-placental transmission of HBV were observed with maternal HBV DNA levels of 6.0 x 105 geq/mL or lower. In mothers with HBV DNA levels of 106/107 and 108 geq/ mL, 2% and 22% of the children, respectively, had HBsAg detected in the blood within 24 hr of birth (=transplacental transmis sion).[20]

HBeAg-positive physicians will not be allowed to exercise exposure-prone procedures. This is inadequate, as HBeAg-negative mutants of HBV may reach high titres. Hepatitis B virus transmission from four HBeAg negative surgeons to patients has been documented.[21] A more reliable estimate of the infectivity can be obtained by testing serum concentrations of HBV DNA.[22]

The European consensus panel[23] now proposes a maximum HBV DNA level of 104 geq/mL, but does not supply scientific data that provide support for proposing this level.[24]

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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