For Patients Whose RBCs are Coated with IgG

Patients with warm autoimmune hemolytic anemia (WAIHA), whose RBCs are coated with IgG, cannot be accurately typed for RBC antigens, particularly when directly agglutinating antibodies are not available, or IgG removal by chemical treatment of RBCs is insufficient. We have shown that blood group genotyping is very important for the determination of the true blood group antigens of these patients.[17] After genotyping, the patients received antigen-matched RBCs that had better in vivo survival, as assessed by increases in hemoglobin levels and diminished frequency of transfusions.

The possibility to have an alternative to hemaggluti-nation tests to determine the patient's antigen profile should be considered for multiply transfused patients and for patients with WAIHA by allowing the determination of the true blood group genotype and by assisting in the identification of suspected alloantibodies and in the selection of antigen-negative RBCs for transfusion. This ensures more accurate selection of compatible donor units and is likely to prevent alloimmunization and reduce the potential for hemolytic reactions.

Table 1

Blood group systems with gene names

and chromosome location

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