GSD III is autosomal recessive. The gene (AGL) that encodes human debranching enzyme (GDE) is a large single copy gene located on chromosome 1p21, spans 85 kb, and contains 35 exons. There is an extensive clinical and genetic heterogeneity seen in this GSD, with about 35 disease-causing mutations and 16 polymorphisms identified in AGL gene so far.[17,18]

To date, no true frequent mutations have been found except for an ethnic mutation in the Ashkenazi Jewish population (4455delT) and two mutations associated specifically with GSD-IIIb (Q6X and 17delAG).[18] Three polymorphic DNA markers within the gene have been identified. Prenatal diagnosis, carrier detection, and postnatal molecular diagnosis can be offered only to the informative families where linkage has been established or to families with known disease-causing mutation.[18]

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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