Genotypephenotype Associations

Tumor formation in carriers of predisposing RB1 gene mutations depends on the chance occurrence of second mutations. Because of the influence of stochastic events, a given predisposing RB1 gene mutation is associated with variable expressivity. Statistical analysis of phenotypical variation shows that the distribution of phenotypical expression within most families complies with a Poisson distribution (Bohringer und Lohmann, unpublished).

However, there are a few notable exceptions.[19] In patients with sporadic retinoblastoma, the delineation of genotype-phenotype associations is further complicated by mosaicism. As noted above, phenotypical expression in patients who show mosaicism for a given mutation is usually milder compared to patients who are heterozygous for a mutation of the same kind. Analysis of families with retinoblastoma offers the best opportunity to determine differences in phenotypical expression between different classes of predisposing mutations. The number of tumor foci per mutation carriers varies between families. Some families show a high proportion of heterozygous carriers that stay free of retinoblastoma (incomplete penetrance). Moreover, affected members of these ''low-penetrance'' families develop fewer tumor foci when compared to mutation carriers in families with complete penetrance. Most of the variance of penetrance and expressivity between families is due to allelic heterogeneity.

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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