Currently, the most significant polymorphisms in causing genetic differences in Phase I drug metabolism are known, and therapeutic failures or adverse drug reactions caused by polymorphic genes can be predicted for several drugs. Patients are being genotyped in clinical trials. Genotype-based drug dose adjustment information can be useful when the drug is introduced into clinical practice and would enable the dose adjustment for individualized therapy.

Due to the rapid development of cost-effective methods for genotyping and the need to genotype only once in the lifetime of a patient, it would be advisable to include the genotype in the patient's record. It is also desirable to include the genotypes of transport proteins and drug receptors, which can reveal highly predictive genetic information. This would provide the physician with valuable information to individualize the treatment. Besides development of personalized medicines, the impact of genotyping on medical practice would shift the emphasis from present diagnosis-based treatment to detection of disease prior to clinical manifestation and preventive treatment with appropriate medicine and a dose that is most effective and safest for an individual.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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