Fig. 1 EcoRl ribotype patterns generated from Listeria monocytogenes analyses, isolates. (From L O'Reilly, PathCentre.)

showing highlighted cluster of indistinguishable species in question. The taxonomic value of the information generated by ribotyping therefore depends on the intraspecies variability of the rDNA operon, the number of copies present, the restriction endonuclease used, the cDNA probe, the range of strains already ribotyped, and the epidemiological setting from which the isolates were obtained. Ribosomal DNA has been used as an important arbiter of taxonomic status in determinative bacteriology.[17] Whereas this may be generally true down at species level, there have been reports of species that cannot be distinguished by 16s rRNA studies that have subsequently been resolved by DNA-DNA hybridization.[18] Ribotyping should thus be seen as less discriminating than DNA hybridization studies and therefore taxonomically subordinate. The automated ribotyping procedure is less suited to discriminating closely related fragments from some pathogens than traditional EcoR1 ribotyping, thus reducing its capacity to discriminate between strains.[19]

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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