Fig. 4 MA plots before and after LoWeSS normalization. Before normalization, a systematic difference between the two dye labels on one array (R for ''red'' and G for ''green'') can be seen by the general shape of the data cloud diverging from the central line. In most experiments, one would expect only a subset of genes to be affected by different treatment conditions, and the most genes should therefore be centralized around zero in the horizontal (i.e., log ratio). The LoWeSS normalization adjusts the data cloud to match this assumption; the data cloud is straightened and centered around zero.

different experimental target samples, to semiquantitatively profile any experimental target sample, and to predict or diagnose disease by discovering new marker genes.[14,15] Microarrays also throw open the door to identifying cyclic behavior in time series experiments or to relate genes to one another based on similarities in their expression profiles across multiple conditions.[16] Special arrays for identifying splice variations1-17-1 or single nucleotide polymorphisms1-18-1 have also been used, and the number of practical applications for protein arrays[19] is increasing.

Looking at microarray data in isolation provides information on individual important genes and proteins in disease diagnostic and prediction, potential networks of gene interaction, new drug targets, and biological development. This is often enhanced by combining data from multiple sources; for example, using protein array data and cDNA microarray data from the same system can ultimately provide a systems-level understanding. Host and pathogen genomes can be interrogated simultaneously to gain a better understanding of their interactions.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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