is calculated for every pair of restriction patterns using the absolute difference/total area formula:

where at and bt are the intensities of fragment position i in the restriction patterns A and B, and k is the total number of possible positions. If only fragment position is used in calculations (without regard to the fragment intensity), a and b are set to either 1 or 0 for presence or absence of a fragment at a given position. If two restric tion patterns are completely different, then SAB=0; if they are identical then SAB= 1; and if half of the total fragments have an identical fragment in both patterns, then SAB=0.5. A dendrogram, graphically representing the relationships between multiple patterns, is constructed from a matrix of similarity coefficients by using the unweighted pair group method.[12] The pairs with the highest similarity values are grouped together with the similarity coefficient corresponding to the branch point on the dendrogram. The remaining branch points are calculated in order of descending similarity coefficients. When more than two restriction patterns are considered for a branch point, the branch point is calculated as the average of all the similarity values involved.

Icml-Som cml-BSC cml-Som cml-Som i vac-Cpn -I vac-Cpn 1 vac-Cpn

- vac-Tia _icpv-Bri cpv-Bri

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