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PML/RARA, promyelocytic leukemia/retinoic acid receptor alpha.

PML/RARA, promyelocytic leukemia/retinoic acid receptor alpha.

for PML/RARA and 0.90±2.07% for RARA. In contrast to the situation at initial diagnosis, the quantitative results of RARA FISH were rather lower than those of PML/ RARA at follow-up (Fig. 2). Of 62 cases with the results of PML/RARA fusion (1.0% to 11.6%), 46 cases (74.2%) showed absolute negative results (0%) with RARA split FISH. Interestingly, when we analyzed the results of non-APL patients, the results of PML/RARA and RARA were not correlated well (r =0.23), in contrast to those of APL patients (Fig. 3).

In 21 patients with APL during follow-up after chemotherapy, four cases showed positive signals for PML/RARA FISH over 6.2%, and three of these four cases showed a positive signal for RARA FISH over 1.5% (Table 1). These three cases (9.5%, 2%, and 2.5% positive signal for RARA FISH) showed continued remission by bone marrow examination and normal karyotypes by cytogenetic study after 6 months.

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