and A are within Forster distance of one another, the D/A emission ratio decreases as D transfers a fraction of its excitation state energy to A, causing less fluorescence emission from D and more fluorescence emission from A. In cases when A is a fluorescence quencher, proximity between D and A simply results in decreased emission from D.

Binding reactions between two molecular entities (receptor-ligand; antibody-antigen; transcription factor-DNA sequence) respectively labeled with a donor and an acceptor can be quantified by FRET.[3] The labeling can be direct (via covalent modification of the molecules of interest) or indirect (i.e., via noncovalent binding of a labeled antibody or other binding moiety). Binding will result in energy transfer from the donor to the acceptor (Fig. 3A).

proximity of two molecules (or two portions of the same molecule) respectively labeled with D and A.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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