Fig. 3 Complementary information resulting from SKY analysis (left) and array CGH analysis (right) of chromosome

10 alterations in a triploid HPV-transformed keratinocyte cell line, FK18A. The SKY image shows one normal 10 (red), one 10 with a part of chromosome 20 (white) and 11 (green) attached to the q-arm, and one 10 with another part of chromosome 11 attached to the q-arm, and a whole arm 22q replacing the 10p arm. With the help of the array CGH data, it can be confirmed that the 10p arm is only present in 2 copies (in a triploid tumor, this is a loss), that part of the 10q arm is present in 3 copies (the normal number in a triploid tumor), and that the 10qter part, but not the telomere, is again only present in 2 copies. (View this art in color at

of chromosome translocations can be improved further (Fig. 3). This illustrates that the respective molecular cytogenetic techniques should be regarded as complementary, providing overlapping and also unique information on the chromosomal abnormalities of tumors.[8,9]

The analysis starts with a background subtraction procedure and contrast improvement for the DAPI image. All chromosomes are checked and joined/overlapping chromosomes can be separated by the user. Subsequent karyotyping is performed by the program, based on the color-spectrum information, which may be corrected in an interactive fashion. Translocations are immediately obvious in the spectral image and may also be visualized in a false color. Using the DAPI image, translocations may be pinpointed to a specific chromosomal band.

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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