The expectation that diagnostic genomics and proteomics, along with toxicogenomics, chemicalgenomics, and BIO IT, will revolutionize health care is big and widely held. New knowledge emerging from these fields promises an understanding of gene function thorough enough to enable the mitigation of adverse effects of genetic risks, therapies that are more effective and safer, and the opportunity to ameliorate health risk factors in the context of environmental and socioeconomic risk factors. In other words, they promise a deeper understanding of disease and its causes, and with it strategies to promote health, prevent disease, and lower overall mortality and morbidity. Achieving these ends requires translating this new genomic knowledge into daily medical practice. Adoption of genomic innovations is, however, not an automatic given or foregone conclusion. Rather, it is a formidable challenge. The expected benefits of diagnostic genomics and proteomics cannot be realized unless practitioners accurately understand new genetic knowledge, apply that understanding appropriately in daily practice, and work with patients to ensure that they can make voluntary informed choices about their care. Adoption (or successful incorporation of innovation into practice) of genomics innovations (diagnostic genomics, proteomics, or toxico-genomics) requires ensuring that practitioners spontaneously think about the possibility of genetic involvement, when appropriate, and pursue that possibility accurately and efficiently.

Health And Wellness In The 21st Century

Health And Wellness In The 21st Century

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