IKs beta subunit

aOMIM database has only one entry for JLN1 and JLN2.

aOMIM database has only one entry for JLN1 and JLN2.

LQT1 is the most prevalent genetic form of LQTS accounting for approximately 50% of genotyped patients. Several different mutations have been reported (http:// pc4.fsm.it:81/cardmoc) and in vitro expression studies of mutated proteins suggested multiple biophysical consequences, all of them ultimately inducing a loss of function, with or without a dominant negative effect on the wildtype protein.[10] Homozygous or compound heterozygous mutations of KCNQ1 also cause Jervell and LangeNielsen form of LQTS (JLN1).[11]

KCNE1 (LQT5) mutations are rather infrequent accounting for approximately 2-3% of genotyped LQTS patients and they may cause both Romano-Ward (LQT5) and Jervell and Lange-Nielsen (JLN2) syndromes.[12,13]

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