Major Features Of Dnannotator

DNannotator has four major features: ''local,'' ''batch,''

1. Local: All functions of DNannotator were designed to handle the user's own local data collection.

2. Batch: All functions were designed to process batch of input source data.

3. Transparent: Log data are provided with the annotation results, so that the annotation quality can be managed. Some major analysis parameters can be adjusted through the Web interfaces.

4. User- and data-friendly: DNannotator not only provides a user-friendly Web interface for data input, but also accepts data on a large scale needed by a research data pipeline. The input data normally can be prepared or organized easily from the lab data or other source; the output data are in multiple optional formats either ready for graphic view, or for data-basing, or for further data mining or wet-lab assay design.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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