Molecular Genetics

The human FX gene is 22 kb long and is located at 13q34-ter, less than 3 kb from FVII.[8] The sequence of human FX gene is highly homologous to other VKD blood coagulation factors such as FVII, FIX, and protein C, suggesting its origin from a common ancestral gene. The coding region of FX is divided into eight exons, each encoding for a particular domain within protein (Fig. 3). Exon I encodes the signal peptide, exon II the propeptide and Gla domain, and exon III a short linking segment of aromatic amino acids. Exons IV and V encode the two EGF domains, exon VI encodes the activation peptide at the N-terminus of the heavy chain, and exons VII and VIII encode the serine protease domain with the catalytic triad His236, Asp228, and Ser379.[9] Factor X is synthesized in the liver as a single-chain precursor. In plasma, FX circulates as a two-chain glycoprotein of about 59 kDa. The light chain is cleaved from the heavy chain during or after secretion into the circulation. Factor X is composed of a 306-residue heavy chain that is covalently linked by a disulfide bond to a 139-residue light chain. The light chain vWF/FVm vWF/FVm

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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