Myc Messenger Rna Expression And Survival

Performing univariate Cox regression analysis, high levels of MYC mRNA expression were found to correlate strongly with an unfavorable survival outcome in MB patients (Table 1). MYC mRNA expression levels did not correlate with metastatic stage, age, or sex of PNET patients. After correcting for these factors in multivariable analysis, the hazard ratio for MYC mRNA expression remained significant, indicating that MYC mRNA is of independent prognostic significance.[8] Accordingly, MYC mRNA expression represents one of four individual biological prognostic factors we have identified in PNET.[8,19-21] Of these, TrkC mRNA and MYC mRNA expressions seem to be the most potent prognostic factors when hazard ratios are compared and when the results of independent research groups are considered. Kim et al.[22] determined TrkC mRNA expression in 42 MB patients by Northern blot analysis and found that tumors with high TrkC mRNA expression were less likely to progress than tumors with low TrkC mRNA expression. Herms et al.[6] determined MYC expression in 72 MBs by in situ hybridization, and using their assay found that 30 patients with MYC mRNA-expressing MB had a worse survival outcome than 42 patients whose tumors did not express MYC mRNA.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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