Attempts have been made to use the quantitative determination of HBeAg for the monitoring of antiviral therapy. In patients who respond to interferon-a therapy, a decline in the HBeAg concentration of more than 90% is observed by week 12 of therapy, whereas nonresponders do not demonstrate such important declines in HBeAg levels.[5] However, the clearance of HBV DNA from serum may precede the disappearance of HBeAg by several months.[6]

Hepatitis B virus DNA quantification is used for monitoring of antiviral therapy, for determination of infectiosity, and, in combination with serological markers, for the resolution of unusual profiles, i.e., isolated anti-HBc reactivity, as well as for cases in which the presence of HBV mutants is suspected.

Methods for the detection of viral genome (nucleic acid testing, NAT) have considerably extended the diagnostic repertoire of virological laboratories (VL) in recent years, proving superior to conventional techniques in many circumstances. In addition to qualitative analysis, quan titative NAT—initially used mainly for research purposes—has now firmly established itself in routine diagnostic virology.[7-9]

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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