P53 Pathway In Sporadic Tumors

The occurrence of p53 mutations ranges from 20% to 60% in sporadic solid tumors (Table 1). p53 mutations may also be inherited in families with a predisposition to multiple tumors as in the Li-Fraumeni syndrome. Dif ferent tumors show different mutation patterns according to mutation type and location. Furthermore, some mutations are typical of certain geographical areas (Asian countries) and depend on exposure to environmental mutagens (e.g., aflatoxin B1). Moreover, single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) have been proposed to play a role in tumor genesis (e.g., Arg72Pro).

The International Association of Cancer Registries (IARC database) report 18,585 somatic and 225 germline

Table 1 p53 mutations in sporadic tumors


p53 mutation (%)


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Getting Started With Dumbbells

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