Phenotypic Expression The Subtypes of VHL

Based on clinical expression, VHL disease has been divided into four subtypes. The majority of VHL kindreds are classified as VHL Type 1 families and manifest HABs (retinal and central nervous system), CCRCC, and other characteristic lesions but by definition, not PHEO. The presence of PHEO in association with Type 1 lesions indicates VHL Type 2 families (7-20% of all families), with a further subclassification of families as low (Type 2A) or high (Type 2B) risk for CCRCC, and Type 2C having PHEO only.[5]

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

The use of dumbbells gives you a much more comprehensive strengthening effect because the workout engages your stabilizer muscles, in addition to the muscle you may be pin-pointing. Without all of the belts and artificial stabilizers of a machine, you also engage your core muscles, which are your body's natural stabilizers.

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