Primers and Probes

The primers and probes for the HTLV-1 provirus target should be theoretically optimized and sequences should be modified for each system. In almost all assay systems the primer pairs and probes have mainly been selected within the pX region of the provirus, which is the most stable to prevent false-negative results.[7-10] These designs have also been supported by our experiences with HTLV-1 Southern blot hybridization (SBH) analysis in 300 ATL cases, nearly 30% of which had defective viruses, but always conserved the pX region including the primer sequences and probe sequences. However, there are several reports that some assay systems especially for healthy HTLV-1 carriers use the primers designed to detect the gag, pol, or env regions of the provirus.[11] In particular, the pol gene among them has been described to be more adequate for attempts to qualify a broad spectrum of HTLV-1 strains.

Now, the primers and probes in our assay system by real-time PCR are described as follows.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

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