Silica Membrane Dna Extraction Methods

These kits can be used for the extraction of genomic DNA from whole blood or other bodily fluids and are again based on the principle that DNA binds to silica. They are available in single tube or 96-well plate formats. Lysis buffer is added to the sample in order to lyse red and white blood cells and incubated at 70°C. After incubation, ethanol is added, the sample vortexed, and placed on a vacuum manifold to draw the liquid phase through the filter. Washing is repeated and the liquid phase again removed by vacuuming. Elution buffer is added directly to the silica membrane and incubated at room temperature briefly followed by vacuuming to elute the DNA.

Table 1 Examples of use of DNA extraction methods

Type of DNA required Sample

Human genomic DNA Paraffin-embedded tissue

Bacterial or parasitical genomic DNA Feces

Bacterial genomic DNA Soil

Viral DNA Dried blood spots

Bacterial DNA Blood or CSF

Reason Reference

Disease diagnosis [19,20]

Confirmation of bacterial or parasitic infection [8,21]

Bacterial quantification [1]

Confirmation of viral infection [12,22]

Confirmation of bacterial infection [4,18,23]

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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