cDNA/gene FASTA format data Primer/Oligo


Annotation migration

Annotated Genbank data

Annotation Target

Genome Browser's latest freeze chromosomal sequence

User's target gDNA sequence


Genome Browser's "custom track" data file

' Genbank format data (suitable for data exchange and graphic viewer)

Features table (suitable for data archiving and data mining)

Reference data: including features failed annotation, duplicated features, original third party programs' outputs, etc

Fig. 1 Major functions of DNannotator. Using input source data of STSs, SNPs, primers, general FASTA, or tab-delimited text data, de novo annotation can be performed on target gDNA sequences through different function modules of DNannotator. A single Genbank format data file can be used as input to perform annotation migration. Similar inputs and outputs are used for the two types of annotation targets.

user's own gDNA sequence and another for annotation over chromosomal sequence (from UCSC Genome Browser's latest version human genome sequence assembly). Both groups can handle similar types of input source data. The input source data can be SNPs, genes, primers/ oligos, and STSs. Besides de novo annotation using raw source data, annotated sequence data in Genbank format can be used as input to perform annotation migration, transferring annotated features to another sequence platform—either user's own gDNA or a public chromosomal assembly.

There are four types of optional outputs generated by DNannotator: 1) annotation results in Genbank format; 2) annotation results in tab-delimited text as feature table; 3) reference data reporting features failed at annotation, or features mapped to multiple locations, as well as some sequence analysis raw data such as BLAST's results; 4) besides those, for annotation over a public chromosomal sequence, a GFF format feature data can be provided.

Tab-delimited text output can be imported and managed in a database or spreadsheet and can be combined easily with existing annotation from elsewhere. Genbank format data can be graphically viewed in Artemis (Fig. 2). GFF format annotation results can be viewed in Genome Browser side by side with other annotation provided by Genome Browser (Fig. 3).

Reference data can help user to evaluate and improve annotation quality.

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