Surgical Management

Once colorectal polyps are found, the only effective management is total abdominal colectomy with ileorec-tal anastomosis. In HNPCC, endometrial and ovarian cancers have a similar mean age at onset to colorectal cancer; therefore prophylactic total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy should be considered at time of colon surgery if the patient is postmenopausal or has completed her family. The success of polypectomy during colonoscopy and the fact that 15-30% of mutation-positive carriers may not develop colorectal cancer have fueled the debate over prophylactic surgery vs. rigorous endoscopic surveillance and endoscopic polypectomy. Therefore, decision and timing for prophylactic subtotal colectomy should be individualized and based on the histological characteristics of the polyp(s), compliance with surveillance program, and patient's personal preferences.

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

10 Ways To Fight Off Cancer

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