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Reversed line blot-polymerase chain reaction requires a moderate number of biotin tagged primers in robust multiplex PCR in order to provide a driver for solid support-bound probes. Optimal multiplex PCR reactions directed at a single locus rarely contain more than 20 separate amplicons. In single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) typing, multiplex PCR can contain up to 100 amplicons; however, these experiments are not limited to a single genetic locus, thus the sequence optima are not subject to the same constraints as those used in genetic testing.

After denaturation and hybridization of tagged amplified sequences to probes attached to solid supports, filter-bound hybridization products are washed under conditions of increasing stringency in order to remove nonspecifi-cally bound amplicon, followed by the use of a blocking buffer to further reduce background. Streptavidin conjugate is used to provide a chemical bridge between the solid support covered with a tagged, hybridized PCR

product and an enzyme substrate complex susceptible to visualization using a colorimetric substrate. Detection of the labeled oligonucleotide probes is accomplished through incubation with substrate in a developing buffer. Peroxidase conjugate-mediated color development occurs during a 10-min incubation, in the dark, in a buffer containing low-concentration hydrogen peroxide. Filters are then washed in distilled water. Photography is best accomplished while the filters are still wet.

Molecular genetic tests have two different classes of validity: The first class is analytical validity, including analytical specificity and sensitivity, which provide a basis for judgment as to how a test performs in the laboratory. Another class of validation is clinical validity, which informs clinical decision making.

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