The Advantages Of Using Disposable Electrochemical Dna Biosensors

The miniaturization of electrochemical DNA biosen-sors[1-3] enabled the mass production of disposable sensor strips. These sensor strips have gradually taken the place of the conventional three-electrode system consisting of bulky working, reference, and counter electrodes, and beakers with a large amount of buffer and analyte solution volume, mostly ranging between 1 and 2 mL. However, the disposable sensor strips alone can be described as disposable electrochemical cells, which contain the working, reference, and counter electrodes together on a minimal scale and space. A small droplet of the buffer and an analyte solution of about 20 mL would be sufficient for an electrochemical reaction to take place. Especially, the ''memory-effects'' resulting from the insufficient cleaning of the electrode surface have been completely eliminated with these single-use sensor strips. Thus more reproducible results could be obtained by using a new electrode for each experiment. Such a significant decrease in the required analyte volume, and increase in reproducibility while shrinking the required space in the laboratory, had a revolutionary impact on the field of electrochemical biosensors, so that the term ''on-field analysis'' has become possible with the help of the miniaturization of such electrochemical potentiostats and sensor strips, enabling ''bedside clinical diagnosis'' and ''on-site environmental monitoring.'' Even the diabetes patients themselves have become capable of measuring their own blood glucose levels by using such small handheld electrochemical devices in connection with sensor strips.[4] Nowadays, the biggest challenge facing electro-chemists is to develop such a small device, which can perform nucleic acid-based tests with a simple and rapid procedure, as well as high sensitivity and selectivity.

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