The T Cruzi Genome Project

The T. cruzi genome project is expected to be completed in 2004.[16] At the time of writing the ''shotgun-sequencing'' phase of the project has been finished to a 14 x coverage. However, the recent finding that the genome sequencing strain CL Brener is a hybrid of two distantly related class II lineages[9] will make the final production of a contiguous and fully annotated sequence a complex procedure. The consequences of this hybridization event are that allelic copies of genes in CL Brener can vary in sequence by more than 2%, and that recombination has produced chromosomes that are mosaics of the parental genotypes. Despite this, the genome project is already having a major impact on research strategies with the focus changing from the characterization of individual genes to a more comprehensive high-throughput functional analysis. This is being further driven by improvements in the tools that are available for genetic modification of the parasite[17] and by the new microarray and proteomic techniques, which can provide a snapshot of the relative expression of thousands of genes simultaneously. Because the genome sequence is only now approaching completion, these types of techniques have yet to be applied to T. cruzi in a systematic manner. However, developmental regulation, responses to environmental stimuli and drug treatment, dissection of signal transduction pathways, and the identification of virulence factors are examples of questions that will soon be amenable to analysis on a genome-wide basis.

Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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