All three diseases are caused by flaviviruses which are RNA-viruses of the family of Toga viruses.

A majority of flaviviruses can cause encephalitis in humans, e.g., JE, TBE, SLE, Murray-Valley encephalitis, etc.

Tick-Born encephalitis virus is transmitted by infected ticks. Ticks live mainly in forests with much grass, bushes, and dry leaves. The virus enters the body by a tick bite. Direct transmission from person to person is not known. Small rodents, birds, roes, and deer are primary virus reservoirs. Transmission via unpasteurized milk or cheese is a common problem in high endemic areas.

Japanese encephalitis virus is transmitted by mosquitoes. They live in humid areas with much water, in East Asia and Southeast Asia. Direct transmission is not known. Domestic animals, rodents, pigs, equines, and birds are primary virus reservoirs.

St. Louis encephalitis virus is also transmitted by mosquitoes, but in America direct transmission has not been described.[1-12]

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

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