Type Of Pathogen

E. histolytica is a nonflagellated protozoan parasite. The parasite life cycle consists of two forms: infective cyst and invasive trophozoite. This latter form can be responsible for liver abscess and amebic colitis, invasion of intestinal epithelium being harmful by direct destruction of tissues. As E. histolytica is morphologically undistinguishable from E. dispar, differential diagnostic is not easy. E. dispar has been described quite a long time ago (Brumpt), but the real scientific evidence of two distinct species is quite recent.[1,2] E. dispar has been, for a while, described as the ''nonpathogenic'' form of E. histolytica and was supposed to be able to convert to ''pathogenic'' in culture, a contamination artifact of cultures.[3]

loss. However, asymptomatic colonization may occur. Intestinal amebiasis and its complications are amebic colitis, ameboma, toxic megacolon, peritonitis, and cutaneous amebiasis.[4] Extraintestinal amebiasis includes amebic liver abscess, splenic abscess, brain abscess, empyema, and pericaditis.[4]

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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