Fig. 2 Graphic view of SNPs annotated onto local sequence assembly. Genbank format output from DNannotator was read in as "Entry" by Artemis. One hundred SNPs discovered locally were displayed. (a) Overview of annotations. (b) Zoom-in view of annotations. The window is composed of three panels. Features listed in lower panel, graphic icons in upper panel, and sequence data in middle panel are internally linked to each other. Clicking one of them will activate highlight of corresponding elements in the other panels. (View this art in color at www.dekker.com.)

UCSC Genooie Browser oil Human July 2003 Freeze jyyjj <cc Jf <c ][ < ]fT")[ >.» If >» 1 zoom ¿n [ 1.5t 1ttt ][ base ] zoom out [ 1.5t jf3t~l[ Ite j position jcbrl 3:103.622.031-103.877,200 size 255,PO bp. tmaee width: 620


Bast positTon i0363eeee| i 036-40000!i 036500001i 03660000!1036700001 1036000001

Annotation created by DNannotator gen#=G30 |

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