Withdrawal Of Samples Out Of Storage

If parts of a stored biological sample need to be withdrawn for DNA extraction, forceps and scissors must be wiped with paper towels and 70% EtOH (or methylated spirits) every time they are used. In routine use, cross-contamination caused by wiped, smooth-surface forceps has not been observed. An exception is forceps with grooves. They must be autoclaved before every use because the groves quickly fill up with contaminants.

Still, especially during evidence examination and withdrawal, it is essential to take care of cross-contamination caused by contaminated distilled water, touching the swabs with used gloves, etc. Standard bacteriological procedures are an optimal guide.

Sample Retainment

It is recommended to always retain at least half of a stain in storage. One reason is that extracted DNA in liquid buffers is less durable than the original, dried stain. In addition, the defense should have a chance to reexamine the stain beginning with the original sample, not the extracted DNA. Only if DNA extraction and PCR seem to fail because of low amounts of DNA may stored samples be used up completely. This needs the consent of the prosecutor's (D.A.'s) office. Even in these cases, at least a minute amount of the original material should be stored so that future DNA technologies may be applied later on.

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Getting Started With Dumbbells

Getting Started With Dumbbells

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