Activation of Bakers Yeast

1. Add 1.25 g of dried Baker's yeast to 25 mL of sterile distilled water containing 10% glucose and 0.1% w/v of yeast extract in a 100-mL conical flask.

2. The culture is incubated at 25°C in a Luckham R300 shaker-incubator at 150 rpm for 30 min.

3. The activated yeast is agitated for 2 min using a laboratory rotamixer (Spinmix, Gallenkamp) to provide a homogenous suspension of cells.

4. A 1.5-mL aliquot of the homogenous suspension of the yeast cells is spun in a lab bench centrifuge at 4000g for 5 min.

5. The supernatant is removed using a Pasteur pipet resulting in a sediment of packed yeast cells.

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