Enantioselective Esterification of Methyl Branched Carboxylic Acids

1. Commercial extracellular lipase (E.C. from Candida rugosa (CRL) with a specific activity stated as 900 U/mg solid and 4865 units/mg protein (obtained from Sigma, St. Louis, MO). One unit is the amount hydrolyzing 1.0 ^mol/h of olive oil at pH 7.2 and 37°C. Store the lipase at 4°C and dry conditions.

2. Macroporous polypropylene, Accurel EP100, 350-1000 ^m (obtained from Akzo Faser AG, Obernburg, Germany).

3. Cyclohexane proanalysi (p.a.), (analytical grade, >99.5% purity).

4. A nucleophile; for example, a long-chained alcohol of p.a. grade.

5. A racemic or enantiomerically enriched methyl-branched carboxylic acid.

6. An internal standard of p.a. grade.

7. Na2SO4 and Na2SO4 x 10 H2O, both of p.a. grade, to obtain a water activity of 0.8.

8. A saturated aqueous solution of NaCl of puriss grade (99% purity) to obtain a water activity of 0.76.

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