Adiantopsis (sorus looking like Adiantum) is a genus of 12 to 14 species from the American tropics. With shiny stipes and finely divided blades they are similar to Cheilanthes but are separated based on their stipes usually being smooth or only slightly hairy and having non-continuous sori.

Adiantopsis chlorophylla (with yellow-green leaves) from South America is a deciduous species. Two-foot (60-cm) fronds have glossy mahogany stipes bearing a few minute silver hairs and bipinnate-pinnatifid to tripinnate, triangular blades shaped very much like Cheilanthes. Elongate sori with

matching indusia are marginal. Introduced to North American horticulture by Plant Delights Nursery in 2005, it was found in moist ditches and is recommended for sun to partial sun in Zones 7b to 10.

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