Adiantum monochlamys

Epithet means "one cloak" or "cover." Evergreen, 8 to 18 in. (20 to 45 cm).Zones 6 to 9.

description: The rhizome is very short-creeping. Smooth stipes are a polished chestnut and one-third of the frond

New growth on Adiantum monochlamys.

length. Narrowly triangular blades, produced in upright tufts, are bipinnate to tripinnate with dark-stalked, cone-shaped pinnules. The free veins fan from a dark basal spot on the pinnule and terminate in the tips of the minute marginal teeth. Fertile pinnule tips are deeply indented with a lone medial cleft that bears a species-specific (for temperate maidenhairs), single (mono) indusial flap that encloses and protects the sori.

range and habitat: Of rocky slopes and dryish woodlands, this lovely species is found in China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

culture and comments: It is quite reasonable to confuse this species with Adiantum venustum when fertile material is not present. The latter has a similar silhouette but creeps about and carries dual sori rather than a single sorus on the fertile pinnules. It is also easier to cultivate. Both are enhanced by salmon-tinged fresh spring foliage. Once established Adiantum mono-chlamys is a unique and rare addition to the collector's garden, so give it a prime location. Pot or foreground culture with attentive vigilance, gritty soil, and medium shade is appropriate.

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